Impact Capital Advisors

Investing in Africa

We are a fund management and advisory firm incorporated by likeminded African investment professionals with a common objective to raise and manage funds for investments in Africa under the same umbrella and brand to mutual benefit.

Our Vision

We see a world with financial services inclusion and access for everyone. We seek to be among the leading providers of financial and advisory services; the one that everyone wants to do business with and be associated with for its best in class performance, ethical and people-centered way of doing business.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide excellent and efficient financial and advisory services by delivering innovative financial SOLUTIONS to the underserved portions of the SME sector and the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP) sector.

Our Value System

These “cristal’” clear principles guide the way we work and are entrenched in the daily activities of all ICA staff and associates. Our values govern our systems and processes.

We ensure that information is accessible only to those authorized to have access and is protected throughout its lifecycle.

We treat everybody from the lowest ranked employee to the directors & shareholders of ICA, customers, regulators, partners, contractors and everyone we encounter, both on and off duty with absolute respect and dignity.

We make absolutely sure our own behavior does not cause offence or misunderstanding.

We think before we make personal remarks.

We accept responsibility for challenging all forms of unacceptable and offensive behavior, and for upholding personal dignity.

We are absolutely truthful and honest in our operations and dealings with all stakeholders and build relationships based on mutual trust and respect.

We have a relentless attitude to problem solving and providing solutions to the challenges that our business, employees and customers face.

At Impact Capital, we continuously ask “Why” and “Why Not” without fear, respite and absolutely victimizes no one for questioning the status quo and making suggestions for changes to the way we do business, and to the products & services we offer.

At Impact Capital, no idea is a “stupid idea”. We encourage everyone; from the lowest level employee to the CEO, directors, shareholders, customers and all stakeholders to speak out as well as lend a listening ear to our shortcomings and recommendations on what we can do to improve on our value creation and proposition to our customers and all stakeholders.

We acknowledge that we all have our weaknesses and strengths; thus by leveraging on our collective strengths, we are able to achieve greater things in pursuance of ICA’s vision beyond our individual abilities. At Impact Capital, we work together and we achieve together.

We seek to delight and exceed the expectations of both internal and external customers by creating and adding value to our internal and external service delivery processes whilst continually eliminating waste.

We hold faithfulness and sincerity to Impact Capital, its shareholders, employees and customers as first principle and do unto others same as we want others to do unto us.

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